Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Friends and comrades, please go check out FHM Erotica, Ladies Confession Special (Summit Publishing) and Tales of Enchantment and Fantasy (Milflores Publishing). Available at all major bookstores, magazine shops and wherever discerning smut is sold.

I have a story in both books, albeit the FHM antho is in magazine form and was privileged enough to head the literary content of the former -- what I did was ask a few writerly pervs and sickos to cross-pollinate their genre specialties with an erotica forefront for an extra spicy, extra sexually charged gathering of tales. The final output not only has our stories (and a short screenplay from Andrew Paredes) but also inserts of sexual confessions culled from past FHM issues, plus spreads of some of hottest babes you'll see, and know you can never have, this side of the world.

When I bought mine at Filbar's, the display copy on the rack actually had a piece of bond paper taped on the cover, obscuring the girl's chest down to her crotch. I guess the thing was too steamy to be displayed normally. That's always a good sign, eh?

Many thanks to Dr. Jing Hidalgo for accepting my weredog story for her collection. And mucho gratitude to FHM Phils Editors Alan M and Alan H for giving me and the writers the chance to put out an exquisitely sexy product that, I'm sure, is now being read by men and women all over the country for the, um, juicy narratives and used in private, truly special ways.

In an SMS discussion with one of the contributors he said: "I saw [the FHM Antho] being sold at a hardware store. I realize this gets me more readers than all the books I've been in put together." Wasak talaga. I do hope Summit greenlights more creative projects like this one.

You can check out tasty, very artsy sample fotos of the featured Erotica girls here: http://www.fhm.com.ph/fhm-babes/erotica/

And see a review of the Tales of Enchantment and Fantasy Anthology here: http://milfloresonline.blogspot.com/2008/04/tales-of-enchantment-and-fantasy.html