Saturday, March 21, 2009


Pinoy sci-fi fans watch out for the soon to be released film LUMANG KAHOY.

This is internationally acclaimed, writer/director, PAMELA MIRAS' homage to futurism, environmental apocalypse, the dangers of technological fascism and the last tree on earth.

Direk Miras also happens to be an old college buddy, ex-bandmate, hipag and all around good friend and therefore available to me as just Pam. That's her in full action mode giving directorial advice to, uhm, a living, ambulatory tree.

Uber-nice body cast, that, ala Mystique.

Seriously, though, from the photos and the meticulous journal she keeps to document the "making of LK" (you can check it out at it looks like the bomb with the gorgeously lit and designed sets, the cool costumes and even cooler conceptual/visual metaphors.

The synopsis gives us more on LK: "In the year 4439, the Earth is colonized by an alien superpower. All of nature was eradicated and replaced by alien matter and elements. Humans are the only living creatures on the planet and they live in domed cities run by the alien “Overlords”. . .But change is coming. . .a loyal Captain, a thousand-year-old humanoid in a 12-year old body, and a girl half-human, half-soil, all play a part in the advent of the Earth’s first tree after a thousand years."

Alien Overlords?! Domes?! Astig. I can't feckin' wait. Go, Pamster, go.

Though the film is in the final stages of production we can enjoy the wasak trailer below while we wait. PS Yep, it stars Jao Mapa.

Check out more about Pam and her films here:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Cribbed from Dave H's blog ( this is likely one of the most art-house leaning, subtly disturbing vampire movies ever. More so since the blood sucker in question is a 12-year old girl.

Despite its pacing and slow build-up, the reward of the slowly tightening narrative and its stellar conclusion will be more than enough for hardcore horror ghouls and weekend fang bangers alike.

So seek out and watch the Swedish film Let the Right One In (Lat Den Ratte Komma In). Haven't read the book yet but they say it's the bomb too.