Saturday, April 23, 2011


I have come to realize that I've been keeping this blog for a bit over five years.  Five geddem years! 

To think I was the picture of reluctance when started my foray into social networking and  Web 2.0, on the urging of my girlfriend that this would be a great tool to market my books, my works, thoughts and generally just inflict my aesthetic on the blogoverse. 

This started out as a space to continue the thrust of the TYBS columns that were originally printed in the (now defunct) Philippine Chronicle --a daily that lived for a bit over a year and then got swallowed up in the maelstrom of financial problems and politicking that eventually envelops most Philippine media entities) That column seemed to me too good to be abandoned to the fickleness of the local print industry. Thank God scribblers and have-nots can always turn to Web 2.0. A middle finger to the dabbler merchants and the moneyed hangers-on who know nothing about beauty or how hard it is to create something and set it loose in the harsh wild of other minds, other souls to thrive or wither.  

It's now Black Saturday 2011 and TYBS has become too ragged around the edges, too thin and faded and just as worn as an old but fond band shirt that contains a lot of memories -- a lot of them good, some of them catastrophically bad. For what it's worth it's served its purpose as a sounding board while still  keeping to the dark stuff in media theme.

For the followers, lurkers and whoever else has visited here you have my gratitude. And of course thanks to my friend at the Absurd Republic Studios for customizing this site.

Now moving to a bigger HQ. With more guns!

Don't fret, though. I'm only shedding the shell of this blog to move house and cover a wider range of topics with a more punk-laced strategy. TYBS will be merely the chrysalis that gives birth to a hopefully more defiant, beast.  

So kindly point your browser to the link below and, hopefully, subscribe to that. Hope you enjoy the new shit, too.  

And thaaat's it. Again my thanks to you who's reading this. To sing the eulogy of  this blog I've put down a short and sweet ditty on a down tuned guitar. Paaalam TYBS.

Wave your black shirt goodbye. 


Monday, April 4, 2011


Just finished watching Turistas.

I know I've been behind in the massacre films bit. But this 2006 movie is a purty decent and straightforward big budget gem that's got a lot of things going for it. There's the classic vacation plot (bored, thrill-seeking tourists get more than they bargained for in exotic tropical country), the twist (you can probably figure this out by yourself, HINT: what can you trade in the black market?) and the no bullshit, clean as a guillotine cut acting of the Hollywood stars.

They do an amazing job at levelling up what could have been a sleeper of a horror script.

Josh Duhamel (aka Fergie's hubby) is probably the biggest A-lister here though the whole thing is livened up a lot by the inclusion of the hotness trifecta of Melissa George, Olivia Wilde and, my personal fave, uber chick Beau Garret.

If you remember she also starred in one of the Fantastic 4 movies and the Tron remake.

I thank my lucky stars I scored the unrated version from a local book shop.

Beaches, topless girls, philantropically-crazed local doctors and loads of tiny swimsuits and that distinct Brazilian sizzle.

Beau Garret has mean curves. I mean, just look at that. . .