Monday, January 26, 2009


FLY ASWANG, or that BESWANG SERIES PROJECT I co-wrote with local animation stalwart Ate Mina Caliguia (may the dearly departed RIP), has a deviant art page now, made by animation director Mark Galvez which features some of the gorgeous concept and marketing art used for the series.

Needless to say, it looks great. Especially the posters. Dig the "Pray After Meals" one above and the main series poster below.

Asteg di ba? Below is Mark's introduction, but please do check out the site over here:

* * *
hi and hello

We are Creative Media and Film Society of the Philippines(CreaM for short). We are pleased to present you the artworks from our very first project entitled FlyAswang.

Fly Aswang is a story about an Aswang Family from the Philippines that migrated in the states. Against their mother's(Bessie Badilla) warning not to go to the Philippines, the three filipina-american daughters travel to manila for a cousin's wedding. Instead they are trapped in an Aswang ritual and their family's history of supernatural power until Bessie comes to save them.

This year we have finished a half hour pilot animation and a 120 pages manga/comic book for Fly Aswang.

CreaM is spearheaded by Ms. Imee Marcos [link]

Fly Aswang original concept by Bessie Badilla [link]

Written by Mina Caliguia of Artfarm Asia and Karl De Mesa [link]

Animation Directed by Mark Galvez
Supervising animator Juvy Amistoso
Manga penciled, inked and toned by :iconjurak: , :iconryuuen: and Julius Sanchez
pin up posters and backgrounds for animation by noel ferraris, Cheyenne Quintana :iconshaiyan: , Joana Pauline Ampayo :iconolei: and Joel Chua :iconjoelchua:
Technical director :iconjunotenbatsu:
Sound and music arranged at BlueSonic studios Ann Angala


Or, in this case, just one ghost.

Biscochong Halimaw has a song titled "Ghosts of the Hinterland" where an army of headless wraiths wander the lonely mountain paths accosting people and trying to ask them where the heck their heads are and get them to help in the search. Of course since they can't communicate, this just scares the shit out of people. Its both terrifying and funny. And if you've ever actually walked at night on an open mountain road with just an emergency lantern or a flashlight you'll understand the terror part quite well.

And so, apropos of nothing, I found a news item on PDI ( that had this White Lady accidentally shot on-cam while the police were conducting a mapping operation off some hills (yep, the hills have eyes and some hot girls in nothing but white see, through gowns).

Stop the video at around 0:05 and voila! There she is, mon freres. The cops said there wasn't nobody there at all. Creepy eh?