Friday, January 29, 2010


Or my feature on director Khavn de la Cruz's movie adaptation of MONDOMANILA: Kung Paano Ko Inayos ang Buhok Ko Matapos ang Mahaba Haba Ring Paglalakbay is out now in PLAYBOY Philippines' Jan-Feb 2010 issue.

Hope you can drop by your fave bookstore and score a copy.

Here's the cover of the film tribute themed issue (with a smashing Gallaga photo by Joser Dumbrique) :

And a brief excerpt from the feature:

This Movie Will Destroy You
Welcomed into his den, we talked to director Khavn De la Cruz about his latest opus and came back with an infernal vision of urban decay. This is PLAYBOY’s exclusive, rough cut screening of the much anticipated film adaptation of the novel Mondomanila. Prepare thy guts for a blessed hell ride.

* * *
In my mother’s belly and I’m starting to kick / Nine months in the womb and I’m making her sick ~ Tricky, “Council Estate”
* * *

Kamias Road Studios serves very tasty, home-cooked meals. And director Khavn De la Cruz (an artist of immense energy in several media, not to mention the godfather of local digital cinema and the brains behind the Dot Mov Film Festival) is a gracious host.

Right now, however, he’s dozing on the couch beside me. “Pasensya na, pre. Napuyat ako kagabi,” he says, squinting against the 1PM light, ushering me through the gate.

We retreat into Khavn’s recording studio where it’s comfy and dark and there’s two couches. On one wall sits a squad of guitars in their hard cases or gig bags. On the opposite wall is a small library in front of which is a grand piano. The same piano where folk-jazz singer Isha shot her album cover and beside which is the guitar that Lav Diaz (director of Batang West Side) used to record his solo album Impiyerno.

Khavn feeds his portable hard drive to the DVD player and in turn feeds the player to the TV. There’s a few moments of confusion and technical difficulty as one of the A/V cables doesn’t sit too well with the port and Khavn stands awkwardly, leaning over the whole catastrophe in his pajamas trying to fix the misbehaving thing.

Satisfied that the player will not suffer another tantrum Khavn closes his eyes and naps as I view his latest, most expensive movie. . .
~ 30

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Nice web series from Shane Dawson and director Tony V (the guy who created 2009, A True Story). Apparently this was up since Sept of last year. Darn. Don't let the horde get you!

PS that's American Idol finalist Taryn Southern as a hawt hawt stripper

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Obviously fake but still pretty well executed. Best with the lights out. Bravo, peeps : )

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I know it's a bit late now (thanks for the kawasakan Yale St party) but I hope you can still score yourself today's copy of the Inquirer broadsheet.

On page 11 of the Sunday Magazine you'll find a pre-release feature by Ruel de Vera on News of the Shaman and its cover along with other books to watch out for in 2010, titled "Booked in Advance."

Cover design by Tom Estrera, digital manipulation by Gani Simplicano, modelled by Caren Mangaran, photographed by Sam Kiyoumarsi. It's starting out to be a happy new year. Digs!